Review: Satanic - Architecture of Chaos


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Satanic is a Canadian death / thrash metal band created in 2010 that released their first album Architecture of Chaos (originally in late 2016, independently and now on a large scale with Brutal Records).

This 8 track’s album is clearly influenced by the 80s / 90s old school with a well-balanced mix of death and thrash. The sound is raw, primitive and intense. Topics such as wars, Satanism and worldwide conspiracies are aggressively and devastatingly addressed over this 40-minute with powerful melodies and riffs. Mephistophelian does the "presentation" and shows us how far this band can take us. Armageddon is another track impossible to remain indifferent or quiet. A highlight also for Processing the Undead and Architecture of Apocalypse.

Having said that we will look forward to the future work of the band of " 3 evil souls obsessed with metal ".

Band members:

Zack - Bass/Vocal

Gogol - Lead guitar/Vocal

Marty - Drums

Band: Satanic

Title: Architecture of Chaos

Label: Brutal Records

Release Date: 01/09/2017

Score: 7/10

By: Margarida Salgado